An extra special extraterrestrial who has been on the path of learning how to be human since he crawled cross country from his mother’s womb. The Artist D is an Internet Fossil from the early days of Internet stardom (circa 1997 to present day). The Bloody Typewriter Substack is his place to write out of his mind while going out of his mind. The world is falling apart, year after year, while humanity acts a fool. This place may be the final place where I can tell you, in writing, how silly it is that we aren’t working on an amazing transformation.

Why subscribe?

Social media is a real problem. The Internet as the masses have made it is also a real problem. We need more places where we can get things outside of the algorithm. We need to start living off of bookmarks again and getting the opinion, art, and poetry that we want. That’s what I want to give you here. A place where you can find me without … you know.

Will there be Paid Subscriptions?

I must admit to you that ever since I wrote my first text file of HTML code in October of 1997 I wished beyond-beyond that people would one day pay me for it. With every project I have ever undertaken I have dreamed of earning the almighty dollar for providing the insight that pours out of my wrinkled brain. I don’t know if there will be a paid subscription platform with a few articles here and there under wraps. But I wouldn’t mind if that was a thing that happened here.

More About The Artist D

The Artist D started his Internet career as a painter, poet, blogger, and “cam whore” during the late 1990’s. He designed and starred in hand-coded HTML 1.0 websites and collaborations until social media (and the rest of the world) took over the Internet.

The Artist D hosted The Fabulous D Show on Internet radio before the word “podcast” entered into anyone’s vocabulary. The Fabulous D Show lasted for over a decade and featured some amazing underground guests and co-hosts. He has also produced numerous live streams and podcasts including Fourthought, Up All Night and Kawfeehaus.

Currently The Artist D can be found on the Kawfeehaus podcast with co-host Ann Marie and Fourth Fridays Livestream on YouTube with co-host Attasalina.

In 2012 The Artist D and a group of artistic rebels formed Fourculture Magazine. Fourculture brought the underground to light and presented art, music, and opinion for people seeking an alternative away from the mainstream. Fourculture continues to this day.

The Artist D has authored several poetry, photography, and story books. Those that he can recall include Transitions Revamped, Like a Goat in a Hailstorm, Grüne Blume, and his first autobiography, In Bed With Myself, still available at Amazon.

To find all of The Artist D’s socials, projects, and more you can visit

To read the first iteration of Bloody Typewriter go to the WordPress.

While The Artist D has delighted in being a jack of all trades he would prefer to isolate himself with a cup of coffee, an unfinished painting, and a book of words by his side. All while overlooking a forest filled with sasquatchian creatures.